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Our Story


The First Step

In 1986 when Ron and Chris and their two young daughters were in a church service the minister asked the congregation to write down something that if it came to pass there would be no doubt that it was orchestrated by God.

The answer to this started in 1993 with the two creating R & C and over the last 30 years receiving the blessings for themselves and turning it into a family business with those two young daughters now both being an integral part of the company and also having three grandchildren joining in the family business.  Through the years we have worked with numerous tremendous companies and the best group of drivers anyone could imagine.  We are truly blessed and there is no doubt that God is directing our steps.


A Legacy Continues

Today R & C Transportation operates with the same person to person, client by client relationships. Our team of drivers, maintain the same personal service and highest safety standards in the industry as the growth continues.

That outlandish dream that was written on a paper all those years ago has become a reality and in addition to that miracle, Ron and Chris work alongside his two daughters, Heather and Brooke in the business.

God truly showed Himself in OUR promise and we are blessed to witness and share the testimony of His faithfulness.

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