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Our Team


Ron & Chris Hall


Ron and Chris Hall have been involved every step of the way with R & C and are very proud of what God has given us to Shepard.  We have developed a company that puts the safety of our drivers and customer trucks above all else and always have that at the forefront of every decision. Ron and Chris now work along side their daughters, Heather and Brooke.


Brooke Tolle

Operations Manager

Brooke Tolle is the heart of the operation as she keeps all the wheels moving and directing the drivers and with the help of Mark and Charlotte (her oldest daughter and our granddaughter) they do it all.


Heather Picker

Chief Financial Officer

Heather Picker manages accounts receivable, pay roll, and billing with the help of her daughter, and another one of our grandaughters, London who also manages the hiring, compliance and human resources.



Kara Picker

Special Projects

Our third Granddaughter Kara is there to handle our special projects as they are needed.




5 Sandra Drive

Winfield, MO. 63389


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